Sunday, 18 March 2018

How can we care for the environment?

Environment is very important for us and so we should take care of it.We can take care of it by a few easy tips:

1) Stop Deforestation 

2) Grow more and more plants

3) Don't throw garbage here and there 

4) We should stop pollution like Air,Water,Land and Noise Pollution

5) Throw garbage in dustbin

6) Follow the environment's rule

By these ways we can stop the pollution and can save environment.

Think and learn challenge competition- Asianet news

asianet news
Question Paper ( TLC-Asianet news)

'Think and learn challenge' (Screening Test) was a wonderful test.And was held in 2017.It was same like Olympiad.There were Math,Science and GK(General Knowledge)questions.Some questions were difficult while others were easy.I attempted all the questions.There were 20 questions for us but 40 questions for the higher classes.The questions were really interesting.I learnt many new things from the test.It was a nice moment while doing it.Please have a look on questions and solve it.Hope you will try this challenge in future.Finalists are telecasted on asianet news channel

Wednesday, 31 January 2018

First Position certificate receiving from His Excellency, Ambassador of India Mr. Ahmad Javed

Paryatan Parv winner Embassy Riyadh
Ambassador of India

On Republic Day, We woke up early as we wanted to go to the Indian Embassy. An officer of Indian Embassy invited us to attend program because they wanted to felicitate winners of a competition organised by Embassy.We reached on time.After flag hoisting, people went to an auditorium.After a lecture and cultural program, winners were called to receive certificates from our Honourable Ambassador.It was a great moment and feeling.I received it for 1st position.After this, there was a refreshment for everyone.We enjoyed and return home happily.

Sunday, 31 December 2017

A visit to the supermarket as you do normally !!

Lulu supermarket
Lulu Supermarket

Everyone goes for shopping.It is good to buy things as required.Being a student, i am not interested to buy in hypermarket as it takes around more than 1 hour to walk with parents.But still i go with parents on weekends for purchasing kitchen items like grains, pulses and vegetables etc in Lulu hypermarket.For students, stationery and toys sections are among favourite ones.I went with my family to the ' Lulu supermarket".It has many sections like clothes,electronics,fruits and groceries. We bought many items. The salesman gave us the lucky draw coupons. We filled them up  and submitted to him.Then my father took us to a restaurant. We ate food and returned home.

I won ! Indian Blogger Award 2017

Indian blogger award
Winner of this award 
Yesterday, result of Indian Blogger Award was declared.It was a nice moment when i won the Indian Blogger Award [IBA] 2017. I felt like it was awesome!As my parents saw that i won the IBA, their hearts felt with joy. They gave me a big hug and congratulated me. My mother conveyed this news to my teacher, neighbours,relatives and friends. My sister Afifah also felt very nice.I won in the category of "Special Award" for "Under 16". Among 7 nominees,i was chosen as the winner. There were total 29 judges in jury list including Vice President Communication PepsiCo India, IITian Amit Agarwal,Economist Bibek Debroy, Major of Indian Army, Senior Asst Editor Hindu newspaper and Managing Editor NDTV etc..This was a good year for me.I thank my parents and indiblogger team for such a wonderful news. 

Wednesday, 27 December 2017

Few interesting facts of Honey bee which you would like to know..........

Honey bee
Honey bee

The honey bee is kind of a small insect which has wings. It is useful to us. It gives us honey.Its body is divided in two parts. The front part has two legs while the hind part has four legs. The sting of the bee is poisonous. Bee lives in hives and they communicate with each other through dancing. They collect honey.Then defend their queen against other enemy insects. They get angry when are teased. They are useful in many ways. Apart from honey they also gives us wax.