Thursday, 30 November 2017

Field trip with classmates

Field trip
Field Trip
Field trip is useful because it is an outdoor activity.The students enjoy it and also learn.It is a break in routine.The field trip was conducted on Thursday.All the students sat on a bus and went to a place called " Al Sahel amusement park".It was open and i just liked it. They gave us a brochure. It had many rides and also had a 12D & 9D cinema movie.The best i liked was 12D cinema.There were only girls of grade 3 to 5.There was a canteen too.They were selling toys, slime and food.I bought candies, chocolates and juice.There was a food court also.It has a lawn.I liked it and now waiting for the next field trip.A field inculcates a desire among students to try new things.



Monday, 20 November 2017

My mamu

Jamia Millia
Inspiring Mamu

He is my mamu (Uncle). His name is Umar. Mamu cleared JRF with flying colours. He is  doing PhD. Being a scholar in Islamic Studies,he has got many certificates.And has also delivered many speeches. He is doing PhD in Jamia Millia Islamia University at Delhi. Being a class topper, he is very social and famous in his department.He is recipient of  many trophies. Mamu is a hardworking person and looks after his shop after his class is done. During my vacation, he taught me so many things. His success is a result of dedicated hard work and commitment . I wish him all success to fulfill his dreams and achieve the goals he has set for himself in life.

Sunday, 29 October 2017

Rail museum visit at New Delhi

Rail museum
Rail Museum

It is a great pleasure to visit rail museum at Delhi.I went with my family in July of this year.It has good collection of vintage steam locomotives and trains showing its glorious past.We enjoyed toy train ride.There is a small platform for children.We watched 3D picture about train which was wonderful.The museum is extremely interesting.It is a good place for family outing.A India miniature is best part of the  museum.It was really awesome experience for all of us.Quiz interface is also very good.We had lunch inside of the museum restaurant.I would recommend it for children.

Monday, 2 October 2017

Sports week celebration in school.....

Did you ever joined sports activities in your school? To keep physically fit, sports participation is must.For good health and growing up, we should participate in this.After participation,students learn about team work,discipline and goal setting in life.Also improves to deal with real ups and downs.Every students build up confidence.Last week was sport week in our school.Many students participated in that.So many houses participated and finally green house was winner.
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Sunday, 1 October 2017

Have you ever think to appear in Olympiad?

Math olympiad
Math Olympiad Notice

Normally every student study about his academic related chapters and solves the questions.But Olympiad exam is little bit different.It's level is high.Even they ask the questions which are being taught one class higher.For example, if you are in class 5, they ask question which may be from the level of class 6.It means,the preparation includes full coverage of present class plus next class also.Covering two class needs hard work and a very good organised plan.

There are few things:

1-Make a time table and try to stick it as much as possible.
2-Starting with basic concept.
3-Try to understand full topic and discuss with others.
4-Remember with examples.
5-Analyse the questions from the different angles.
6-If there are 4 multiples answers, don't know the correct answer.Then cross which is wrong one by one.The last option left can be considered as answer.

Saturday, 30 September 2017

Prevention is better than cure.

prevention cure
Accidents may occur anywhere, anytime and with anyone.But these are prevented by simple safety rules.It is very important to know safety rules of home, school, other public places and road.Accidents are common on the road.We should not play on the road.While seating in the car, seat belt should be worn.It is good to use Zebra crossing.While cutting from scissors or sharp object, it should be in the presence of elders and experienced person.We should not touch plug or switches when hands are wet.Avoid playing with the things made of glass.If there is a fire, put sand to put off the fire on electric fires.If any person got hurt, we should not immediately inform to the doctor.First provide first aid to the injured or affected person.We should not use medicines of others.

Monday, 18 September 2017

....Was in Dainik Jagran Hindi newspaper for being first girl student blogger of district Chandauli

Chandauli news

Being in newspaper, first time in life is unforgettable moment.It is a fantastic and amazing feeling. At the time of publishing this newspaper,was on the top of list in Chandauli district as a blogger.Being the youngest and first girl student blogger, many people congratulated and they were feeling good.It was a great moment for me and family.It happened after a long time of sincere and hard work.The photo was published in the newspaper ( Hindustan, Chandauli edition , 26 Aug 2017).My father told this news to mother.We all were very happy.Blogging is a good hobby.It motivates about writing your own thoughts.Content is very important.Concentrate on spelling and grammar while writing is normally done by beginners as a main focus .I am very much thankful to indiblogger to give such a good platform for newcomers as a blogger.This website gives lots of tips and tricks through forum.And helps to review your blog.

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Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Helicopter ride in just 2499 rupees over Delhi by Pawan Hans at Rohini heliport

Helicopter ride
Helicopter ride over Delhi

It is an awesome experience to have sightseeing from a helicopter. Last month in July, we went for helicopter ride with family. There is a new heliport terminal at Rohini. The terminal was started in March 2017.Tickets were booked online with ID. The fare was 2499 rupees only per head. The helicopter was having 5 seats. We booked 4 seats. One seat was vacant. So luckily it was a family helicopter ride. Due to rainy day, there was a little change in the timings because for helicopter flying visibility should be in the required range.We reached there. Got our boarding pass.Then went for flying. It was 10 minutes sortie over Delhi. Very beautiful view, when we looked down. Identified few historical places and astonishing river Yamuna.Smile was on face during flying all the time. After landing, we requested captain for photo. He agreed. We thanked the highly competent captain for a wonderful ride.Very nice experience as a first time helicopter iconic tour.Terminal building is also very good with amenities.We returned home happily.
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