Wednesday, 18 September 2019

My Nana ( Grandfather)- An inspiring personality

Janab Abdul Mobeen Azmi
Mr. Abdul Mobeen Azmi is one of the oldest members of JMIAA, Riyadh. There are total 9 Jamiates from his family. He started education in his native Jamia-Tul-Falah, Bilariaganj  (Azamgarh, UP) and then took admission in Jamia H.S.S ( Higher Secondary School) in 1973-74 ( Now Jamia Senior Secondary School) at New Delhi. He was awarded a degree in BA(Hons), first division from AMU in 1978 and an MA (Arabic) from JNU in 1980.
He has been very active and energetic since his childhood. He struggled and kept his moral high all the time, even after the death of his father at the age of 12. When the going gets tough, the tough get going. He stood 2nd with distinction in most of the subjects in Jamiatul Falah in class “Haftum” in 1965 and also got 2nd position (First division) in “Haftum Arabi” in 1972. And was awarded Fazil degree, then he married in the same year to Mrs. Ahmadi. His wife co-operated for further education. Apart from this, he also participated in the Urdu debate (representing Jamiatul Falah while in class Arabi Awwal) in Gorakhpur and received a trophy for 3rd position. He got command in different languages like Arabic, Urdu, English, Hindi and familiar with Persian. The special prize was awarded to him in Hadith by an inter college (M.S.G.I) Gorakhpur in 1975. Not only this, also participated in drama and wrestling while he was in Jamiatul Falah.
Now, it was time to get familiar with the new school and the new city. This was a transition phase from a small village to the capital of India. That was none other than Jamia H.S.S at New Delhi. Still, he put his possible efforts to come through with the flying colours. He completed higher secondary with first division and the distinction marks in Urdu. Due to his excellent marks, he was awarded a scholarship by the Delhi govt.
During his school days at Jamia, he was very active in sports activities and also participated in the long jump (1st position), shot put throw (1st position), high jump (2nd position), 400-meter race (2nd position) & 100-meter race (3rd position). He was also a member of the School Volleyball team. For performing excellent in academics, he also received certificates of merit for scoring 93 % marks in Arabic and 62 % in History from Jamia school. He used to participate as an individual in daily morning Tarana of the school. The “Bait Bazi” was also his interest and was actively involved in it. He was in a good book of the school teachers and the principal. Due to his excellent performance in different fields, the principal of the school was delighted and expressed his feelings by suggesting that if any student is recommended by Mr. Abdul Mobeen for admission, he will consider for it. He was very well-known student in the school. His favourite teacher was Sir Barkat Ali Faraq.
Now it was time to get into university to do graduation. He got into AMU and was awarded a scholarship. He completed BA with first division. Again, went back to New Delhi to do an MA from JNU. There he completed an MA (Arabic). And was again also awarded a scholarship to become financially independent so that no burden on the family. He represented the university in inter University Volleyball competition. He got 2nd position in the broad jump and 3rd position in high jump in JNU, New Delhi. Though he was enrolled in the Ph.D (Arabic) at AMU but the family circumstances compelled him to leave it and go for a job. However, the dream of Ph.D, has been fulfilled by her daughter, Dr.Tamanna Mobeen Azmi (Jamiate) in 2018. Even now at the age of 65, he wishes to do PhD if possible. Whatever he did in Falah, Jamia, AMU and JNU, it was his own interest and without support from family backgrounds.
He was being offered an Indian semi- government “Maharatana” company job in BHEL (Bharat Heavy Electrical Limited), but due to own reason, rejected and preferred to join an Indian company (Arabian Erectors Limited) from 1980 to 1985 in Riyadh. Then he worked in Saudi Company for Operation and Maintenance Limited (SCOM) from 1985 to 2016 as a translator, interpreter, administrator and senior translator. He was a very long-term member of JMIAA and used to attend the program. After his final exit from KSA in 2016, when he settled at home in India, Mr.Abdul Mobeen translated a book of “ Omani Saqafat” now published by Lekhni Prakashan, New Delhi in 2019.He has 3 daughters (Najwa, Tamanna and Salwa) and four sons (Zafar, Umar , Ahmad and Arshad).

Tuesday, 10 September 2019

Radio Mirchi Live on air

Radio Mirchi Studio

On 26th July 2019, I and my family went to the Radio Mirchi Studio.It is situated in Banaras (Varanasi).We went there because my father was invited for an interview about Kargil War.As 26th July is celebrated as Kargil Vijay Diwas.My father was serving Indian Air Force at that time.
Miss Trisha (RJ) took interview of my father.She also had interviews with me, my sister, mother and chcha(Uncle) Khalid.The interview was live on air.Miss Trisha got to know about us because of Mrs Khushi ( From our native place).Both Miss Trisha and Khushi were very kind.The interview was like a normal conversation.After the interview, we got a gift from Radio Mirchi.It was a colourful cup printed with Radio Mirchi.It was a very good experience with Radio Mirchi.