Thursday, 31 May 2018

CBSE class 6th Marks system of evaluation

CBSE marks system of evaluation
Marks system

It is very important for the students to follow the system of evaluation to get excellent marks.Each students will be evaluated for academic, projects, activities, proper home work , class work and note book.For all these things, marks will be given.Our school MEIS has given us information to get aware.Please click on this picture and read full details.If any question, please write in comment box.Your query is very important, so will be answered.

Saturday, 19 May 2018

My favourite Book " Akbar and Birbal "

                                   "There is no friend as loyal as a book"

Akbar Birbal
Story books
Akbar was a great emperor. In his court, there was a person called Birbal. He was an advisor and was famous for his wit. There are so many folk tales about Akbar & Birbal. He was one of the members of Navaratnas. I like his stories a lot. The reason is because I get to know good & useful ideas from it. And also get aware of many things. When I was child, usually took the famous book "The wit and humour Of Akbar & Birbal". Almost, all the time, I read the book of Akbar & Birbal. Sometimes I would take the same book again to read it  because I like it. At the night ,I tell my sister its stories. There are many children's comics and books are available in the market.We can read the book on various websites also. And there is a cartoon network on TV channel. "East Or West, the book of "Akbar & Birbal" is the best".

Memory of a place visited as a child

              " The past beats inside me like a second heart "

It's a great feeling to share memories of a place visited with lots of fun. The place which I visited was Los Angeles "California Science Center ". I went there with my mother's family friend. They took us there by their car. First we took the tickets and then entered. It is better to buy tickets online in advance to save time and money because sometimes online tickets are cheaper than buying on the counter. There were many spacecraft showing its legacy. Also so many games based on spacecraft. There was a ride also. It was a splendid and gorgeous place indeed. There was a gift shop having lots of items related with space. I enjoyed riding  a lot. The ride was totally awesome !My father tried " High Wire Bicycle".Ride a bicycle at 43 feet above the ground.It was a thrilling lesson.Ticket cost $3.00.Very cheap.
My father enjoying "High Wire Bicycle" in California Science Center "

The entrance gate was nice too. There were two big models of aircraft outside of entrance on static display. "California Science Center" is the best center I have ever seen. There were so many useful devices on display.I bought a book from there. Its name was "The Space Shuttle Endeavour" written by "Stephen Hayward Silberkraus". This book contains all the information on the spacecraft.I advice you to go there once and would like to go again as they keep on introducing new themes and concepts.

Wednesday, 16 May 2018

Saving electricity is the need of the hour

Many times, electricity is wasted because of few carelessness of people.Normally we forget to switch off the light or home appliances those are not in use. It is better to use natural sunlight in day time and less use of man made lights.Now a days, because of over population in the country,people need more lights, fans and AC etc.
Two months before, my father used to pay less on electricity.But now he is paying 3 times more.The things are getting costlier.Only the way to save electricity at home with little attention.There is less production compare to needed consumption. So we have shortage of power.Conserving energy is the need of hour.

Few tips to save electricity :

1-Turn off lights that are not in use.
2-Use natural light.
3-Task light saves energy.
4-Unplugging of charger when not in use.
5-Switch off AC if no one in room.Be all in one room because sometimes one person goes to adjacent room and stays there for longer time where as AC is running with no person in that room from he left.
6- Pay bill on time to avoid late payment or extra penalty charges.
7-During night sleeping time from 2300 to 0600.Switch off all lights except for going to toilet.Because light reflection is enough for adjacent area.

Sunday, 13 May 2018

First Position in Painting Competition conducted by JMIAA, Riyadh

Certificate from JMIAA


Jamia Millia Islamia University, Delhi ( Central University) Alumni Association , Riyadh Chapter conducted a well organised "Drawing and Painting" competition at Riyadh on 11 May 2018.There was registration to apply. Around 102 Children participated as per age group.Every group was having their own topic.Group 4 had topic "Aquatic Life".
             I participated and used water colour with sponge to paint a big fish in the center of A3 paper swimming in sea water with plants at bottom.And was declared as "First Position" winner. 

              It was annual program with other actvities also like volleyball, football and ladies game.After that, there was a nice dinner for every one.All the people enjoyed a lot.