Thursday, 26 March 2020

My Nani (Grandmother)

Mrs. Ahmadi is my Nani (grandmother), wife of Mr. Abdul Mobeen Azmi. Her father's name is Mohd.Yusuf and mother's name is Zaibun Nisa. She was born and brought up in Takiya, Azamgarh. She has 2 sisters named Ishrat ( Dhuriyapar, Gorakhpur) and Musarrat( Phariha, Azmagarh) and 3 brothers (Irfan, Ghufran and Salman). She completed her 12th from Niswa College , Azamgarh.She knows Urdu, Arabic, Hindi and English languages.My nani was married in 1970.She started to live in Bilariyaganj from 1974.Then shifted to Riyadh in 1984 and stayed for 7 years.Then again went back to Bilariyaganj in year 1991 to take care of children studies in Jametul Falah. In year 2003, she was shifted to New Delhi.
My nani has been a housewife.And has been diligent.She used to cook delicious food and was famous.She knows how to stitch clothes.Her hobbies are reading books, meeting people,inviting guest and doing parties.My nani is very kind.
Her happiest moments were/are getting a job of husband, birth of 1st child, arrival to Saudi and doing Hajj, the marriage of the children, birth of grandchildren, P.hd by the daughter and by the son.
Her sad  moments were the brother expired in flight crash, another brother expired from the terminal disease, husband's by pass surgery and parents expired.
Her next wish is to get her youngest son's marriage. We remember our time with her and pray for her good health & happiness.

Friday, 21 February 2020

Space Settlement Contest

The Space Settlement Contest was sponsored by the NASA Ames Research Center from 1994-2018.Now sponsorship transferred to NSS( National Space Society).The last date was 15 Feb 2020.As a student, I also felt to learn about the space and gain knowledge. It has been a wonderful feeling and great curiosity to participate in this contest. Afifah (my sister) and me together have prepared this project. Of course, my parents have supported me very much. The idea of  health survey was used in this project which was given by Afifah and me. A large set of questions were made by us and then joined together to form a survey. It was a great pleasure while seeing my project getting ready.The result will come in Aug 2020.

Friday, 18 October 2019

Sir Syed Day

This day is very important and celebrated every year around the word by its alumni members on 17 Oct 2019.

Tuesday, 15 October 2019

Interview on Etv Bharat

During visit of native place, Etv media came for interview.
Please click below to read and watch ( 4 minutes Video clip).

Interview of Shazia by Etv