Tuesday, 13 July 2021

Our Trip to Madinah (Part 2)

We reached the hotel at 3 pm. As my father was fasting, so he went to sleep. At 6:30 pm, My father had his Iftar. On the first day of Madinah, we had rest in the hotel and then at Isha prayer time, we went to Masjid Al Nabwi to offer Isha namaz. My sister couldn't get an entry in the mosque, as she was young and according  to the covid guidelines, she was not allowed to enter the Masjid and thus, my father and sister offered the namaz outside the mosque.

Whereas my mother and me entered the Masjid Sehan (courtyard of the mosque) but couldn't enter the Masjid because I wasn't vaccinated and was young. 

                  Masjid Al Nabwi (Sehan)

The Sehan was very well maintained and clean. There were separate sections for offering Salah for men and women. There were fans and all the umbrellas were open to give everyone shelter. The area was filled with positive vibes and red coloured carpets were beautifully placed down for everyone to sit on it.
Firstly we saw the beautiful Sehan and looked for a place where we could sit. When we finally got a place to sit, we offered a two rakat namaz (prayer) to represent our happiness and to praise the beauty of Allah and The Masjid. Then finally we offered the Isha namaz and went in search of dinner.


As Masjid Al Nabwi was very close to our Hotel Concorde Darul Khair, we went there on foot (by walking). When we offered Isha prayer, we thought of finding a restaurant which was nearby, so that we can have dinner and then finally come to the hotel room and rest. We started to move in search of a restaurant, where we could find a nice and tasty food. We kept on walking and walking and walking and we still couldn't find a proper place to have dinner. My sister and me were tired of walking and wanted to go to the hotel but my parents were still trying to keep both of us motivated to keep on walking until we find a place to have dinner. 

Finally after walking so much, we found this very very small restaurant where we had a curry and bread (naan). We got some energy after having the food but still it wasn't as much good as we had thought and was not enough to fill our stomachs. So once again we started to move in search of food. We asked almost a dozen of people this question that, ''where can we find a good restaurant?" Of course, there were different people, having different taste buds and hence they also had different answers. But fortunately, our luck was not so bad and then we found this restaurant named FINE RESTAURANT. 

Our first day of Madinah was a memorable day and was small but yet so long. I will remember this day my whole life.

Monday, 12 July 2021

Our Trip To Madinah (Part 1)

It was early morning (6 am) of 12th May 2021. Both my sister and me woke up at 5 am and got ready whereas, my parents woke up at 4 am to get the luggages checked and see if all the things were in place. We left the house at 6 am. It was dawn time but it still felt as if it was early night or late evening and the sun was peeping out from the clouds. We came towards the car, kept our bags and hand luggages, sat in the car and started to move towards our destination. It was the last day of Ramadan. My father was fasting whereas my mother, sister and me didn't fasted as it was a long 9 hours journey. It was quite a relaxing journey for us as we converted our seat into a bed and slept on it when we felt sleepy.

This is how we converted our seat into a bed.

We watched videos, played games and talked about random things during our journey to keep our family and especially my father energetic (as he was driving). Looking outside, playing, talking and enjoying, we finally reached our destination at 3 pm. It was a hotel in Madinah which was located near Masjid al Nabwi named Concorde Darul Khair.

Sunday, 11 July 2021

Eid - ul - Adha ( Baqraeid )

Our religion Islam has two important festivals. The first festival Eid- ul- Fitr is celebrated just after Ramadan finishes, whereas the second festival Eid- ul- Adha is celebrated just after approximately two months after Eid- ul- Fitr. 

Eid- ul- Adha is celebrated every year to remember the sacrifice of Ibrahim AS (Abraham) and his son Ismail AS (Ishmael).
This true story begins when Ibrahim AS dreams that Allah SWT has asked him to sacrifice his son Ismail by killing him for the sake of Allah and to represent it as an act of obedience to Allah. Ibrahim AS believed it was a message/order of Allah SWT. Ibrahim AS told Ismail AS his dream and asked him if he was ready to be killed. Ismail AS being a kind and obedient child accepted what his father said and obeyed the command of Allah. The father and the son both went to an open ground place and they prepared a bed for Ismail AS to be killed on it. Being a father, Ibrahim AS didn't wanted to see his son being killed infront of him. So, he took a piece of cloth and covered his eyes and he put his knife in place to kill his son but by the grace and mercy of Allah SWT, when Ibrahim AS opened his eyes, he saw his son standing in front of him and he saw a lamb killed instead of his son. This was a test for Ibrahim AS and his son Ismail AS whether they obeyed Allah SWT or not. Every year, Muslims remember this miraculous story and celebrate Eid- ul- Adha. 

Every Muslim sacrifices a halal animal (lamb, sheep, goat, cow, buffalo etc) to remember this occasion and distributes it to relatives, family members, friends and to the poor people who cannot afford to sacrifice an animal. 

This is a very joyous and beautiful occasion, event and festival for all Muslims.

Saturday, 10 July 2021

Honour Roll ( Academic achievement )

It is always a proud moment for every student and his/her parents, if he/she is awarded with an academic certificate for his/her good performance in Academics.

By the grace of Almighty, even I have been able to recieve this pride moment. During my offline classes in 6th grade, I was rewarded with my first Honour Roll  ( Academic certificate ). It was awarded to me for receiving 90% marks in my overall academic excellence in grade 5th. The most important reason why I always remember this moment is that my mother was present there to see me receiving that certificate which made me actually feel as if I have not been awarded with just a certificate but I have received everything what I wanted in my life. Firstly, as soon as I got the Honour Roll and of course when the school photograph was taken, then I quickly ran to my mother showed her the certificate and smiled. The second thing which I did was that I went up to the school corridor and showed all my 5th grade subject teachers my Honour Roll and thanked them. I can't really explain my feelings how I felt that time. But of course, it was a beautiful day for me.

Another special day for me came in 7th grade when I got my 6th grade Honour Roll for 90% marks and fortunately this happened with me for 4 continuous years as I was also rewarded with 7th and 8th grade honour roll also even in this covid pandemic. Well, now I am in 9th and I am still trying to maintain a good performance in my academics. So, that my parents be even more proud of me.

One of my Honour Rolls. My 7th grade Honour Roll certificate.

Saturday, 6 March 2021

Online Classes

'Education is not a luxury instead it has become an essential need of life'

Classes have been a part of every students life. It is the most important part of schooling. Nowadays, due to corona pandemic, schools have started a new way of teaching called as 'online classes'.
In the starting months of online classes, it was a wonderful experience.
Remembering about online classes and corona pandemic, a proverb has come to my mind.

'Where, there is a will, there is a way'

But now after almost 1 year of online classes, I got both optimistic and pessimistic view of online classes.


I would like to start with the advantages and positive views.

1- This is helping in the continuation of regular classes.
2- It avoids wastage of time and money of school, students as well as of the parents.
3- It maintains social distancing and prevents from further spread of corona virus.

Well, now let's discuss about the disadvantages and the negative view of online classes.

1- Using gadgets like laptop, phone and computer for a long time causes harmful radiations which effects the brain as well as the eyes.
2- Sitting in one position for a long time can cause back pain, neck pain and makes students dull.

Lastly, I would like to conclude that there is no particular decision that online classes are good or bad.

Rather, we can say that different people have different opinions about the topic.